September 2023

Here are 30 simple activities you can engage in during Suicide Prevention Month to promote mental health, raise awareness, and show support for those who may be struggling. These simple activities can make a significant impact on your own mental health and contribute to the collective effort of raising awareness and support during Suicide Prevention Month. Remember, small actions can create a ripple effect of positive change in your life and the lives of others.

August 2023

June 2023

June is Rebuild Your Life Month. This month allows you to reflect on the way you are living your life and make adjustments as you see it. It is never too late to start living the life you have always wanted. This can mean making changes in your career, relationships (friends and family), educational pursuits, or anything else you want to reflect on and change. This month is about taking steps to CREATE A LIFE YOU TRULY LOVE!!

May 2023

May is Mental Health Awareness month and this month is to not just look inwardly, but to look at our surroundings to determine if what we look at, smell, or sit around negatively affects our mental wellness. As we go through this month, let us take time and assess what each day’s activity is asking and determine how we can incorporate this into our lives after the month is done. Mental Health Awareness may be just a month, but it is part of our lives all year.

April 2023

April is Stress Awareness month and is a time to recognize and increase our knowledge of how to better manage and/or prevent stress in our lives. While stress is inevitable, it does not have to drain us of our energy or happiness, or negatively affect our well-being. As we go through this month, let us take time to breath and not allow the stress that is inevitable to happen, to take control of our lives. Take time this month to focus on destressing your life in any way possible. Utilize this calendar to learn new strategies on how to handle and/or ward off stress.

March 2023

During Women’s History Month, let us embrace womanhood and all that it means to you. May we take this time to lift up ourselves as women, but also lift up and support the women in our lives (personal, business, etc.). Let us be a support for one another. This month let us focus on everything having to do with WOMAN!!

February 2023

Each month we are working to ensure we are taking care of our social, emotional, and mental health. For February the focus is on loving ourselves as the world celebrates Valentine’s Day. If you have someone in your life or you are taking time to focus on you, this calendar is for all. Take this month as a time to provide yourself candies, chocolates, and lots of love each day.

January 2023

January is a time to celebrate a new year, and it’s not about trying to change who you are. This month is designated as Celebration of Life Month, a time for you to step back and appreciate all that life has for you. If you tend to forget the positives, or forget to celebrate life, don’t beat yourself up about it because we are all guilty of that sometimes. January gives us the perfect opportunity to do better, and be more grateful.

December 2022

December can be a rough month to get through. From shopping for the ‘perfect’ gift, remembering loved ones, or just trying to get through the day…it can be a lot. Take time for yourself by using the calendar to help bring the peace you deserve.

November 2022

November is National Gratitude Month. Let’s take time each day to reflect on our day to see what we could be grateful for. Big or small, past or present, what are you grateful for? When you click the calendar a gratitude planner will pop up. Use the planner to track your gratitude daily by answering the questions.

October 2022

October is Emotional Wellness Month. Let’s work through the calendar together with the daily tasks to take steps toward your emotional health.

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